The Passing of Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart

The soca community lost an icon

Delia Pena-Gay
2 min readMar 31, 2022


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Legendary Soca artist Dexter Stewart better known as “Blaxx” passed away on Mar 28, 2022, from Covid-19 complications in Arima General Hospital in Trinidad.

Blaxx was born in Trinidad & Tobago on December 21, 1960. He comes from a musical family, his father was a performer and the founder of the group “Jerry and New School”. Blaxx started his music career as a young teen in the band his father created. He was a part of Jerry and New School for a few years before joining the group Fucceccion. Ultimately, Blaxx joined Roy Cape and the All Starz.

He had a reputation for having the hottest tune for Carnival season. Some of his soca hits are “Breathless”, ‘Trusty”, “Leh Go”, “Hulk’’, “Gyal Owner” and “Who God Bless”.

As reported by Daily Express Blaxx is remembered by fellow soca artists and colleagues as a teacher, mentor, jokester, and having one hell of a voice! His passion for soca allowed him to help artists such as Voice, Teddyson John Sekon Sta, and more.

Blaxx you will be missed but your legacy lives on! R.I.P

Let's celebrate him and check out one of his last performances here.

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